App developed by CIS only for Google Android

★ With "go to date", you can instantly calculate a day of the week from the date 0001/01/01 (saturday - the canonical date of birth of Jesus Christ) until the date 9999/12/31 (friday): 3650000 days.

★ Year, month and day are written with the keyboard.

★ Date format: yyyy/mm/dd - mm/dd/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy .

★ The dimensions are automatically adjusted according to the screen width, also rotated.

★ The internet connection is not used.

★ It installs on SD card.

★ It is multilingual. (today, the number of languages ​​is equal to 25, in the future, will be equal to 56).

★ It contains the Julian calendar and  the Gregorian calendar, the latter by far the most extensive chronological system on Earth, system recognized by international institutions, such as the United Nations and the Universal Postal Union, and born by Pope Gregory XIII, in 1582 AD, who reformed the calendar introduced by Julius Caesar, in 46 BC.

★ It takes into account the Gregorian reform which erased ten days from 1582/10/05 to 1582/10/14.

★ Alerts you when one year is not bissextile.